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College Outreach by Vegan Outreach India

‘Food Planet Health: Talks for Future’ is a campaign by Vegan Outreach where they educate the youth in India about the impact of our dietary choices on animals, health, and the environment. In the last 4 years, the organisation has conducted over 500 sessions for over 1 lakh 60 thousand students from 1800+ colleges and universities across the country. Currently, these sessions are hosted in 6 languages – English, Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Bengali, and Malayalam. Through awareness sessions, they reach out to over 50,000 students every year, helping them make informed and compassionate food choices.

#ChooseChickenFree Campaign by Veganuary

Veganuary ran the #ChooseChickenFree campaign in March 2024. The week-long campaign reached more than 70,000 people. It included tips, resources and guidance to transition from eating chicken to meat-free while not compromising with taste or health. It introduced people to healthy and alternate proteins to chicken, flavourful and satiating chicken-free dishes and brought in special offers from brands that offer meat-free alternatives. 6 food and beverage brands, 6 lifestyle influencers and 2 celebrity ambassadors supported the campaign, including Amazon Fresh, who introduced meat-free options on their vegan store and promoted it on social media. People who signed up to try vegan during the campaign received a free chicken-free cookbook, in addition to a range of resources to try a meat-free diet.

Humane Education with Peedu's People

Kind Hearts for Animals - Peedu's People

The objective of the project is to inculcate empathy in young minds, as part of 21st century skill sets, ensuring wholesome child development through holistic learning. During these sessions, children are introduced to the concept of humane education via experiential learning, cognitive learning, observational learning and application learning. In 2023-24, with the support of India Animal Fund, Peedu’s People reached more than 15,000 children. Around 9850 children were introduced to humane education and workshops reached over 55 schools. The next steps involve expanding the programme and integrating it into the NCERT syllabus for broader reach. 

Drink Positive - an Initiative with Jeeva Bhavana

Jeeva launches the Drink Positive campaign that focusses on the benefits that plant based milk has on health. Through this campaign, it is envisaged to reach a wide and diverse audience, thereby enhancing awareness about the importance of making the choices required for a healthy life. The website: drinkpositive.org highlights some interesting recipes too. Take Action and Drink Positive!
Drink Positive

Healthy Living With a Plant Based Diet

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The Physicians Association for Nutrition India (PAN India) held a Continued Medical Education session at Hyderabad on Evidence Based Nutrition. This CME also led to the creation of an SOP for seminars targeting practising doctors: a total of 224 registered, with 200 actively attending the session. The audience included physicians, and other stakeholders and scientists from the Indian government body NIN-ICMR. This event witnessed the release of the Beginners Guide to Plant Based Nutrition, in collaboration with Invest on Health and Rajender’s Lifestyle Clinic.

Non-Animal Methods in Research

The Microphysiological Systems Bootcamp was a first-of-its-kind workshop organised by the Centre for Predictive Human Model Systems (CPHMS is a program under the Atal Incubation Centre-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, AIC-CCMB) on the latest cutting-edge technologies (Microphysiological Systems or MPS) that will replace animal usage for experimentation in laboratories in the near future. Consisting of lectures and hands-on practical sessions, the workshop aimed to take a step towards bridging the skill-gap in MPS methodologies within the country. The sessions were designed to give the participants a comprehensive view of emerging MPS technologies like 3D bioprinting, Good Cell Culture Practices, organoid & spheroid biology and organ-on-chip. So as to enable hands-on experimentation, the bootcamp capacity was capped at 20 participants. This bootcamp is one of a series, and an integral part of a larger project aimed at encouraging Non Animal Research.
Vegan Outreach (5)

First Ever Animal Law Sensitisation Programme for The Bar Bench

On March 7th, 2024, Humane Society International/India (HSI/India), in collaboration with the West Bengal State Judicial Academy, conducted a workshop aimed at familiarising district judges with India’s diverse animal protection laws. The objective was to ensure stringent measures against animal offenders and safeguard the welfare of animals. With a noticeable increase in animal-related cases and numerous FIRs filed by animal activists, bolstering the judiciary’s capacity is imperative to deliver proper justice and set precedent-setting rulings. Often, judges are confronted with challenging situations due to their lack of exposure to relevant laws and case studies, necessitating clarity on procedural aspects and penalty provisions. 

The comprehensive event unfolded at the West Bengal Judicial Academy’s training facility. Mr. Sanjib Daruka, the Acting Director of the Academy, underscored the significance of robust animal protection laws. Esteemed judges received expert guidance from our in-house specialist, Miss Shreya Paropkari, who elucidated on the crucial nexus between the human-animal bond, animal cruelty, and human violence, highlighting notable cases for contextual understanding.

Advancing Evidence and Plant-Based Nutrition for Sustainable Healthcare in India

The Training of the Trainer event convened 40 esteemed doctors with a common mission: to delve into the realms of Evidence-Based Nutrition with a sharp focus on promoting plant-based diets for individual and public health, and ecological sustainability. The forum deliberated at expanding the outreach activities to reach out to more medical professionals. In a world of misinformation, the team understood the need to craft tools, undertake research and resources essential for the effective implementation of nutritional interventions within clinical settings. A great sense of enthusiasm was observed during the discussions on pioneering initiatives to foster Blue Zones within India, which underscored the intrinsic link between plant-centric dietary patterns and longevity, thereby signalling a paradigm shift in healthcare towards a sustainable one. The collaborative spirit of the event was evident as participants forged alliances and pledged their commitment to championing the cause of plant-based nutrition.

Retail Campaigns

People For Animals Uttarakhand
Retail campaigns serve as powerful platforms to encourage not only inflow of funds, but also generate awareness. IAF has initiated campaigns with GIVE on working animals, buffalos, hens, street animals and many more. With Milaap, a campaign on the use of manjha and its effects on birds and other animals was launched around mid January. The response to these campaigns has been encouraging, motivating us to explore many other causes that face grave challenges. Our partners included: People for Animals Uttarakhand, People for Animals Public Policy Foundation, Prayaas (Team Planet Us) and others.