Corporate Social Responsibility

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The Problem

There is an urgent need to a platform that can generate and direct more funding towards animal welfare causes: funding at-scale, especially from corporates, Trusts and Foundations, Family Offices and individuals with a charitable bent of mind. Donating money is fast, easy and allows facilities to use the money where it is needed the most. 

How We Make Grants

Funding comes typically from our funding partners, including HNIs, Foundations, Trusts, Retail etc. We manage grants, secure compliance for grantees and oversee monitoring and evaluation post disbursal of funds.


Why Should Your Business Get Involved?

When you align your organisation with animal charities, you demonstrate a commitment to empathy, care, and respect for all beings. This can boost your corporate reputation, strengthen employee morale, and set your company apart from the competition. Plus, it’s a chance to directly contribute to causes that matter deeply to you and your stakeholders.

Join the cause

Each day we are partnering with NGOs to amplify their efforts. We cannot be more thrilled about it.