Celebrating the Love for Animals At An Individual Level

Celebrating the Love for Animals At An Individual Level

By Richa Govil

In the heart of the bustling city of Hyderabad, I found myself at crossroads seeking companionship and purpose. That’s when I met Caramel, a tiny being with a heart of gold. She had been abandoned. The moment I held her, I knew she was an angel, sent to guide me through my darkest days. During the lockdown, when the world was shut down, her resilience and happiness taught me the true meaning of love and companionship. My life, once filled with unknowns and hardships, now stands as testament to the transformative power of love and joy.

While I couldn’t adopt Caramel or any other pets due to various challenges, I found different ways to support them. This led me to join  India Animal Fund. The support I lacked in the past has now become my greatest source of assistance. My daughter, who was 10 years old at the time, has become my rock and biggest supporter. She names almost every dog she meets and shares her daily encounters with them, bringing me pure joy. Her excitement in telling me about her interactions with Coffee, Biscuit, and Rolly Polly and many others is so fulfilling. When I ask her who they are, she sweetly replies, “They are the cute twins near my school. I shared my lunch with them and they followed with tails wagging “. Her dream is to become a veterinarian, as she is deeply passionate about animals and their well-being.

Animal lovers like me, who find themselves alone in their passion, often face a unique set of challenges. The absence of a supportive family, friends, or neighborhood can make the journey of caring for pets or advocating for animal welfare a solitary, and sometimes overwhelming experience.

I adore the sentiment of celebrating our love for animals without the need for grand missions. The simplest acts of kindness towards animals can have a profound and positive impact. Whether it’s feeding birds in the park, assisting a street animal, or transitioning to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle; these gestures bring immense joy and fulfillment to both humans and animals. It’s important to remember that being an animal lover doesn’t always require involvement in rescue missions or advocacy for animal rights. Sometimes, it’s the moments of connection with nature and its creatures that truly nourish our souls. Let’s continue to celebrate our love for animals through acts of kindness, big or small, and let that love radiate brightly from our hearts.

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