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Transformative Tale from 'The Ahimsa Fellowship'

February 16, 2024
By Sandeep Reddy

From someone who never noticed animals to becoming a COO with IAF, India’s first backbone.

Harvesting Change; Embracing Mechanisation ...

February 08, 2024
By Heer Shukla

Approximately 112 million working equids, worldwide, support the livelihoods of around 600 million people…

Unsung Heroes on Hooves and Humps: India's Working..

February 02, 2024
By Heer Shukla

Beyond the idyllic postcards and vibrant tourism brochures lies a stark reality for the very creatures that fuel the…

Fostering Compassion through CSR: Transforming...

January 5, 2024
By India Animal Fund

Have you ever experienced the joy of saving a life? Or witnessed a transformation that not only changed the life…


How to take care of street dogs: A guide for animal-lovers!

August 31, 2023
By India Animal Fund

Introduction Amidst India’s bustling streets, a vast population of around 35 to 40 million street dogs…

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