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Humanity has gone through some pretty dark times.

There was a time when we had to fight for our basic rights and dignity as human beings. But over the years, we have come to agree that all humans are created equal, and therefore everyone should have equal rights.

Now it is time that we acknowledge the rights of animals, regardless of their species. It is time to work towards ending the exploitation and abuse of animals for our food, drugs, entertainment, clothing, travel, science, and more.

This is the next step in our evolution journey. We are embracing the vulnerable and standing up on their behalf. We are bringing awareness on their rights, to reduce their suffering. We are not just talking about it. We are doing it.



We are a diverse mix of passionate leaders from the corporate and animal welfare sector taking a strategic look at ending all forms of animal harm. With decades of experience in multinational corporations and the development sector,
we believe that doing the most-good means to
minimise the suffering of the most vulnerable viz animals.

We are devoted to the cause of mainstreaming and elevating the animal protection movement in India. We work in collaboration with national and international sector experts and constituents to create impact

Our Team

With over 30 years of experience in the corporate sector with Fortune 500 companies, Parag has been championing the cause of animal welfare amongst other social justice movements. Currently, he is the CFO of a Global Pharma company Dr. Reddy Labs.

He is also the Co-founder of the following: TAP India Foundation, which works for underprivileged children, Ahimsa VC, which is India’s first sustainable fund for plant-based foods, and Ahimsa Trust, which works for animal and environment protection by driving more funding to causes related to animal welfare.

Parag Agarwal

Parag Agarwal | Founder

Jayasimha Nuggehalli

Jayasimha Nuggehalli | Founder

Jayasimha Nuggehalli is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Global Food Partners. He has previously served as Managing Director of Humane Society International, India and was involved in the expansion of the organization in Asia. He is the Founding Director of the Animal Law Centre at NALSAR School University of Law, Hyderabad, a Former Member of the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) and he was also a Visiting Fellow at the Animal Law & Policy Program at The Harvard Law School, 2019-2020.

After proving his mettle in advertising, data & analytics for 3 decades, Anand is now involved in building tech solutions in the e-com space. He’s a known name in the field of animal welfare, having led many campaigns to draw awareness & public support and manages the non-profit PACE Trust (Protection of Animals and Conservation of Environment). He’s a firm believer in the concept for life without medicines and conducts corporate sessions to help boost health & productivity

Anand Siva

Anand Siva | CEO

Sandeep Reddy

Sandeep Reddy | COO

Sandeep has over 18 years of sales and leadership experience in tech multinationals. In his last corporate role he headed India Sales for Akamai Technologies, a USD 3Billion tech firm based in Boston, USA. Sandeep is an Ahimsa Fellow and holds an advanced diploma in Animal Protection Laws from NALSAR University.

Sandeep has been an active member of the Animal welfare movement in Bangalore for over a decade, focusing mainly on Animal Birth Control. Sandeep’s welfare work is driven by a sense of intersectional justice, and he believes that human welfare and animal welfare go hand-in-hand.

Sandeep is an avid weekend cricketer and a proud cat dad.

Sarah brings with her 25+ years of diverse professional experience in the domains of tourism, training, public diplomacy/advocacy, writing, communications and outreach. She is a Paul Harris fellow has been an animal rights activist.

Sarah has written more than 500 articles covering diverse topics in publications like The Hindu, The Tribune, The Statesman, Business World (Education), India Today, Education World and others. Sarah has compiled high-profile White Papers on Data for Public Health, Vaccine, Leveraging Technology for Grey and Blue Collar Workers and MSMEs.

Sarah Berry | Director, Operations

Sethu Vaidyanathan

Sethu Vaidyanathan | Advisor

Playing a landmark role in the foundation of Ahimsa Trust, he’s the Founder of People For Animals, Chennai (1995), a Fellow at Round Table India for 19 years, and an avid supporter of several Women and Children’s Rights organizations. A successful businessman for many years, he is passionate about advancing the cause of mitigating climate change by aiding reduction in the production and consumption of resource intensive animal products.

Sandeep Sibal is on the board of Give India. He has also contributed to several nonprofits that focus on human and animal welfare. He is also the co-founder and partner of Ahimsa VC – India’s first fund that supports startups that create alternatives to animal products.

Sandeep is the CEO of Demolish Foods. Prior to Demolish Foods, he was country manager of Qualcomm for India & South Asia, a Technology Advisor at Reliance Infocomm, and a researcher at AT&T Bell Labs. He is also a co-inventor in 26 US patents and has been educated at IIT Madras, Rice University, Rensselaer Polytechnic University and MIT.

Sandeep Sibal

Sandeep Sibal | Advisor

Vaishnavi Kukillaya

Vaishnavi Kukillaya | Manager, Fundraising

With a post-graduate degree from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Vaishnavi combines her learnings in the development sector along with her brand management skills at IAF. She is passionate about system-level activism.

Richa Govil

Richa Govil | Manager, Admin

Richa is an experienced Administrative Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organisation management industry. Skilled in Educational Outreach, Report Writing, Conducting Workshops, Financial Accounting, and Delivering Workshops.

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