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India Animal Fund

Our Mission

To create a platform for effective giving that produces transparent, independent, evidence-based and actionable recommendations of interventions to demonstrably reduce animal suffering in India, at scale. 

Our Vision

A world free of animal harm and exploitation, which prioritizes ending the suffering of all sentient beings independent of species.

Freedom for All

With the blessing of His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, and with the support of a galaxy of start, subject-matter experts and corporate leaders, India Animal Fund was launched on the 30th October 2022. Relive that experience, click the link below.


In agriculture or farms, in the streets, in science ,or in the kitchen, animals are subjected to unimaginable exploitation and abuse. Every Day. Every Hour. Even every second.

Animals are sentient beings, they feel joy & suffering.
They deserve a right to live without fear, hunger and confinement. It is time to stop the clock on this. With your support, we can.

Read through the causes we have picked as areas to focus on
and how we strategise & build projects to redefine
animal well-being.

The Problem

The numbers speak volumes of the state of financial support animal welfare gets in the country. While there’s no authenticated or audited account of money coming in for the cause, our estimates show the number to be dismal.

Shocking, right? There is an urgent need for a platform that could generate and direct more funding towards animal welfare causes. Funding at-scale, especially from corporates, Trusts and Foundations, Family Offices and individuals with a charitable bent of mind. Donating money is fast, easy and allows facilities to use the money where it is needed the most.

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Our support from investors is backed by the work put in to
the journey that we have embarked on. Here are few words that they have
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