A Lifeline for Maharashtra's Donkeys: This Monsoon, They Need Your Help

The first drops of monsoon bring relief from the scorching Indian summer. But for thousands of donkeys in the brick kilns of Nanded, Beed, and Latur districts, the changing season brings a new fear – abandonment.

These animals, who have spent months toiling under the relentless sun, will soon be cast aside as useless burdens. Left weak and vulnerable, with their thin frames strained from carrying heavy loads, they face a harsh reality when the brick kilns close down – abandonment, starvation, and possible death.

At India Animal Fund (IAF), we’re working in partnership with FIAPO and other NGOs to combat the abuse, neglect, and distress experienced by working animals. Our vision is a future where donkeys are not seen as disposable machines but as companions deserving of respect and care.

The Challenge:

  • Over 5,000 donkeys in Nanded, Beed, and Latur districts alone face neglect and abuse.
  • The monsoon season brings abandonment and a lack of access to food, water, and medical care for these already animals.
  • Limited resources and overwhelmed animal welfare institutions struggle to provide ongoing support.

Our Vision:

  • During the critical monsoon season, provide immediate relief – food, water, and vital medical care.
  • Empower local animal shelters (SPCAs) to offer ongoing support to working animals.
  • Train volunteers and activists to become advocates for animal welfare in their communities.
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How You Can Help:

Your donation to this Milaap campaign can significantly impact the lives of these deserving animals. Every rupee donated will go towards:

  • Direct relief efforts: Providing food, water, and medical care during the monsoon season.
  • Strengthening local SPCAs: Equipping them to offer ongoing support to working animals.
  • Empowering local heroes: Training volunteers and activists to advocate for animal welfare.

Together, we can create a future where these hardworking animals are treated with respect and compassion.