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Freedom for All

With the blessing of His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, and with the support of a galaxy of starts, subject-matter experts and corporate leaders, India Animal Fund was launched on the 30th October.

Full Show: Freedom for all on NDTV
Life Is Precious To Animals Like It Is To Us, Human Beings: Spiritual Leader Dalai Lama
Animals Deserve To Have A Normal Life: Paul McCartney, Singer and Songwriter

Who we are

The Scale & Suffering Of Animals Is Huge: Parag Aggarwal Founder, India Animal Fund
There Is A Need To Mainstream Animal Welfare: Sandeep Sibal, Co Founder, Explains
Mumbai Can Be Stray Free, If Every 1 In 10 Households Adopts A Puppy: Anand Siva
Jayasimha Nuggehalli From India Animal Fund On Animal Suffering In India



Instead Of Buying A Pet From Animal Store, Adopt One: Actor, Madhuri Dixit
Actor Alicia Silverstone Talks About Animal Agriculture And Climate Change
It Is Humans Responsibility To Give Animals A Good Life: Shikhar Dhawan, Indian Cricketer
Wild Animals Belong In Nature Actor & Eco investor, Dia Mirza
Meet Kuntal Joisher, World’s First Vegan To Climb Mt Everest
It Is A Myth That We Need Protein From Animals: Dotsie Bausch, Sportsperson
Patrik Baboumian, Former Bodybuilder On The Benefits Of Being On A Plant Based Diet



Abodh Aras, CEO, Welfare of Stray Dogs Talks About Animal Suffering In India
Gauri Maulekhi From People For Animals On How Animal Cruelty Is Impacting Societ
Alokparna Sengupta From Humane Society International On Illegal Breeding
Dr Neal Barnard On Animal Protein Vs Protein From Plants
Without Animals, Our Universe Will Be Doomed KS Radhakrishnan, Former Judge
A Look At The Life Of Caged Animals
An On Ground Report The Reality Of Shelters In India

From our donors

Suresh Narayanan From Nestle Joins #FreedomForAll Telethon
Animals Are An Important Part Of Our Ecosystem G V Prasad From Dr Reddy’s Laboratories
Our Generation Needs To Know About Animal Abuse Diya Surana, Micro Labs Limited
All The Animals Around Us Need Our Support: CK Venkatraman, MD, Titan Company

Our family is growing

There is renewed hope and encouragement each year, with more of us joining in against animal cruelty.You can join us as a volunteer, an NGO partner or a project sponsor. No participation is small for a cause so big.
So, sign on!


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